Western Daughters Prairie Tea

Western Daughters Prairie Tea

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DRAM Western Daughters Tea is a collaboration between a butcher and bitters maker to pay homage to the Colorado land that we call home. Blended exclusively for Western Daughters Butcher Shoppe located in Denver,  this tea contains wild and indigenous plants found on the high prairies of Colorado that provide sustenance and life to the ruminant creatures which graze upon them.

It was designed to be a year round sipper, with a crisp and refreshing minty taste and just a hint of sweetness. It conjures images of farmers and ranchers from a time past enjoying cool mint tea served by the sun tea jug on summer evening porches.

Ingredients: Wild alfalfa, wild field mint, wild sunflower petals, wild milky oat tops, wild red clover, organic stevia leaf.

For your health: Alfalfa and Milky Oat Tops calm the nerves and assist the body in full relaxation. Sunflower petals reduce inflammation and throat irritation caused by allergies. Mint assists in digestion and temperature regulation in hot climates.

Product details:

8 Ounce reusable metal tin. 
14 servings. 
Serving size: 1 Tablespoon, more if strong brew is desired.

Brew for 3-5 minutes, longer if a strong flavor is desired. May be served iced or hot.