Smoked Fir Cocktail Bitters

Smoked Fir Cocktail Bitters

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DRAM Smoked Fir Bitters are an arboraceous blend of wild foraged evergreen tree needles paired with smoked wood chips from local pear and maple trees.

Flavor Profile: Woody and invigorating with a touch of smokiness, these bitters taste like the Colorado forest in a bottle and invoke cold nights spent huddled around a crackling fire. Fir trees have a very strong "pine" flavor with bright citrus undertones.

Great With: gin, vodka, bourbon and whiskey, add depth to you daily tea ritual or enjoy with sparkling water. Limitless baking uses including frostings, sponge cakes, meat and veggie glazes, fruit sauces, hot drinks and wine/vinegar reductions.

Ingredients: Organic vegetable glycerin, water, fir needles, smoked wood, herbs and spices.

ALCOHOL FREE. Gluten Free, No-GMO's, All Natural, Vegan. All ingredients wild or organic. 
4 oz. reusable glass bottle with built in dropper. All current ingredient lists are in line with FDA guidelines.