• Vanilla Chai Crystal Hot Toddy Cocktail Kit
  • Vanilla Chai Crystal Hot Toddy Cocktail Kit

Vanilla Chai Crystal Hot Toddy Cocktail Kit


Everything you need to craft one of our favorite house cocktails- the Crystal Hot Toddy, just add bourbon and hot water! This lovely hot toddy utilizes our signature Cascara Chai tea as a base, paired with our aromatic Hair Of the Dog Bitters and sweetened with vanilla rock candy. Sure to be a crowd pleaser, as well as a wonderful gift for special occasions and hosts.

We chose our Hair Of The Dog Bitters for this kit as the warming flavors of ginger and cinnamon combine wonderfully with the Cascara Chai.


Kit includes the following DRAM products beautifully packaged in a lovely black box with wild reindeer moss for cushioning:

- DRAM Cascara Coffee Cherry Chai Tea 8oz tin

- DRAM Hair Of The Dog Bitters 4oz bottle

- 4 handcrafted Vanilla Rock Candy Swizzle Sticks

- Recipe card included


The Crystal Hot Toddy Recipe:

- 1 1/2 oz good bourbon

- 1 serving of DRAM Cascara Chai Tea

- hot water

- 5 shakes DRAM Hair Of The Dog Bitters

- 1 rock candy swizzle stick

- recipe card included



Place the tea bag into a coffee or toddy mug. Cover with the bourbon and allow it to "brew" while the water boils. Top with the hot water, add the DRAM bitters and garnish with the swizzle stick. The idea is to let the sugar crystals slowly dissolve in the concoction until the desired sweetness has been achieved.


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