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Cocktail Recipe - The Crystal Hot Toddy

The Crystal Hot Toddy

Prep time: 4.5 stars based on 25 reviews.

The Hot Toddy- the ubiquitous hot drink for whiskey lovers on a cold night. We've taken this classic drink and added our own twist, using Chai tea for added spice and a rock candy swizzle stick instead of honey to create a cocktail that is guaranteed to please. It is one of our favorites on our new winter menu


- 1 1/2 oz. good Bourbon

- 1 Chai tea bag, or french press brewed Chai. We use our own Cascara Chai Tea, for sale in our online shop.

- 3 oz. Boiling Water

- DRAM Hair Of the Dog Bitters

- 1 Rock candy swizzle stick (Rock Candy can easily be purchased online.)


Place the tea bag into a coffee or toddy mug. Cover with the whiskey and allow it to "brew" while the water boils. Top with the hot water, add the DRAM bitters and garnish with the swizzle stick. The idea is to let the sugar crystals slowly dissolve in the concoction until the desired sweetness has been achieved.


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