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Cocktail Drink Recipe: The Apple Train

Here in Colorado we have a wonderful distillery known as Leopold Brother's. They make a delicious assortment of distillates to imbibe, including a New York Apple Whiskey that is a perfect balance between sweet and strong, nothing like a synthetically flavored apple liqueur, and we highly suggest seeking it out for this cocktail. At first glance this recipe may seem "busy" but it's actually quite easy to make and even easier if you're a diehard DRAM fan who already owns a plethora of our goods. :)

The drink name was inspired by the history of the apple industry in the United States. As the second leading producer of apples in the world to date, much of the railway infrastructure of our great country was laid to accommodate the distribution of this single fruit.


- 1 1/2 oz. Leopold's New York Apple Whiskey

- 1/4 oz. DRAM Pine Syrup

- 1/4 oz. DRAM Juniper Rose Syrup

- fresh Honeycrisp Apple

- DRAM Grey Gardens Tea

- Hot Water   


In a mug brew 1 tablespoon of DRAM Grey gardens tea with hot water. Add all of the other ingredients and stir to incorporate. Garnish with a few fresh slices of apple which will soak up the boozy goodness and be a delicious treat when the drink is finished. 


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