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Tequila Cocktail Recipe: The Cassiopeia Cassia

The Cassiopeia is for those that appreciate a strong drink, or prefer to enjoy their booze straight up. This drink is not sweet, it's meant to highlight and draw out the natural spice found in a good quality tequila. The addition of cinnamon and pears make it suitable for a winter sip, while the warm basil hearkens back to the days of dirt and sunshine.  



- 1 1/2 oz. good tequila, and by good we mean 100% agave. We chose to use a silver tequila, but a Reposado would add a wonderful depth

- squeeze of fresh lemon juice

- 1/2 ripe, peeled pear

- 1 tbsp fresh basil

- pinch fresh ground cinnamon

- DRAM Hair of The Dog Bitters




In a cocktail mixing glass muddle the pear, cinnamon and basil together. Add the squeeze of lemon, tequila and ice. Shake weil and strain into a clean glass over ice. Top with bitters and garnish with pear, cinnamon stick and basil leaf. 



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