Manhattan Recipe a Classic Whiskey Cocktail

Manhattan Recipe

This Manhattan Recipe is a classic that has been enjoyed since the 1870's.  Unlike some of our other apothecary cocktail recipes, this drink is easy to make with ingredients found in most home bars. 


Manhattan Recipe

Rye Manhattan Cocktail Ingredients

• 2 ounces of Rye Whiskey
• 1 ounce of sweet vermouth, we suggest Dolin
• 2-4 shakes of DRAM Hair of the Dog Bitters 
• 1 piece of orange peel (optional)
• Maraschino Cherries (optional)


1) Put ice in a cocktail shaker. Add Rye Whiskey, Italian vermouth and bitters.

2) Shake for 5-10 seconds and strain into chilled martini or coupe glass. 

3) Squeeze the orange peel over drink, be sure the oils fall into glass, then discard peel.

4) Add 1 to 2 Maraschino Cherries (we recommend making your own see below).

How to make Maraschino Cherries:

Bring 1 cup of maraschino liqueur to a boil and remove from heat. Stir in one pint of sour cherries (you can buy sour cherries in a jar if needed), let cool and then pour into jars. Keep refrigerated and the cherries will be good for months.


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