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Non-Alcoholic Palisade Press


A delicious non-alcoholic drink to help you beat the summer heat, and make use of the seasonal peach bounty. In Colorado there is a lovely little town nestled against the Colorado River known as Palisade, and it's home to some of the country's best peaches. We've made this drink in honor of those glorious peaches, and those perfect moments in summer when you bite into one that's reached perfect ripeness, a little juice rolling down your chin and a smile on your face.



  • bottle of real ginger beer or ale- the spicier the better we say!
  • 1 perfectly ripe peach
  • DRAM Palo Santo Bitters and DRAM Citrus Medica Bitters
  • ice


Take your peach and cut out a small wedge to be used as a garnish, then peel the rest using a potato peeler or spoon. Remove the pit and place the peach into a martini shaker or pint glass. Muddle well (muddle means to smash basically) then add ice and shake very well to further pulverize the peach. Pour the ice and peach mush into a glass, top with ginger ale and 5 heavy shakes of Honey Chamomile and Citrus Medica Bitters. 


Viola! A perfect peach press. :)



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