Cocktail Drink Recipe: The Jockey

This is a take on the classic Mint Julep. We've added our very own Pine Syrup in place of the sugar and it adds a delicate aromatic touch that any boozehound can appreciate. Make sure to use fresh squeezed lime juice and fresh mint. We didn't have an ice crusher on hand, but if you do then this drink will really reach perfection. 


The Jockey's Whip

• 1.5 oz good bourbon
• 1 oz DRAM Pine Syrup
• 2 lime wedges, muddled
• handful of fresh mint leaves, muddled
• DRAM Citrus Bitters


    Fill a pint glass or martini shaker with mint and lime wedges. Muddle very well. Add all other ingredients over ice. Shake well and pour into a fresh glass, crushed ice really makes this recipe so if you have the wherewithal, do it. Garnish with fresh mint, find a patio in the shade on a hot day and sip it down.

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    • Posted by Kent on December 31, 2017

      Received a bottle of Pine Syrup for Christmas and made this drink for New Years Eve. Absolutely delicious! The lime added the perfect amount of acid to the drink to make it nice and bright. Two thumbs up.

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