Cocktail Drink Recipe: The Sunday Brunch

A bit sweet, a bit tart, a bit bubbly with aromatic whispers of herbal bitters. This a great brunch drink and can be served with or without the alcohol, it's up to you!

Black Cherry juice contains tons of antioxidants, so you could technically even call this healthy :)

The Sunday Brunch

• 1.5 oz good gin or vodka, if you please
• 1 oz tart Black Cherry Juice- this can be found at most grocery stores and all natural food stores
• 1/2 oz DRAM Juniper Rose Syrup
• Sparkling water
• A few wedges of fresh lemon or orange or whatever fruit you have around the kitchen
• DRAM Black Bitters or Hair of The Dog Bitters


Place all ingredients over ice in a 16 oz mason jar and stir. It's that easy! 



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