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Cocktail Drink Recipe: The One Horse Town Toddy

Hot tea + booze is one of the best remedies for a long winter. This is a take on a classic toddy using our Lemon Ginger Toddy Tea which was designed to stand up for itself and offer wonderful yet delicate tea flavors when mixed with bourbon or gin. We suggest using maple syrup for a touch of depth and sweetness, but if you find yourself snowed in, honey will do.

The One Horse Town Toddy

• 1 oz good gin or bourbon
• 1 Lemon Ginger Tea bag
• 1/4 oz Pure Maple Syrup
• 1 peel of orange
• DRAM Black Bitters
• Hot water


    Place the tea bag into desired vessel and pour the booze in, let this "steep" while you heat the water. Add hot water, bitters, maple syrup and stir. Top with a twist of aromatic orange peel, put on a movie or pull out a good book and get cozy.



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