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Humble Beginnings

Mary Frances Kennedy (M.F.K) Fisher has always been a source of inspiration for me.  As the first female American writer to address the everlasting topic of food, her chronicled passion for eating, drinking, and celebration of the senses opened my eyes to the experience of good food. Fisher believed that eating well was just one of the "arts of life" and explored it through her written anecdotes; A Cordiall Water being a lovely example which we are proud to sell in our online shop.

It was from this humble love that DRAM Apothecary sprouted and continues on as a woman owned and run company focused on providing a simple yet extravagant pleasure for the senses. We began as a small pop-up shop traveling to various markets and gift fairs in Denver, and now we are proud to own a factory and tasting room, The Bread Bar in the historic ghost town of Silver Plume, Colorado.

The name DRAM is referenced to a unit of mass or volume used in the ancient Apothecaries system. We recall these times in our craft, spending summer days gathering wild herbs across the enchanting Colorado terrain.

I hope you enjoy our ever growing array of products and earthbound favors, and please visit if you ever find yourself in our neck of the woods!


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